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Class of 1977 - 20th Reunion

This is a picture of the whole class after dinner. I think I know who everyone is, but who was that holding up the dollar bill?

wholeclass.jpg (41200 bytes)

P.S. - this is a slightly different picture than the one I mailed to everyone.

Roughly, from left to right (please correct if I'm wrong), the people are:
Mark, James, Rick, Jim, Clint, Bob?, Chris, Craig, Todd?, Tina, Holly, Lori, Steve, Karen, Chuck, Amanda, Traci, Jim, Judy, Julie, Gene, Cindy, Laura, John, Kim, Tom, Joe, Nick.


The dinner was a buffet at The Homestead. People started arriving around 5:00 PM. There was lots of talking and introductions. A welcome speech was given by Joe around 6:30 PM and then the eating began. After the meal, a group photo of the class was taken. It was announced that Julie and Karen would plan the 25th reunion while Nick would continue to keep track of names. The gathering then moved to Clint’s were it continued for some people until late into the evening.

Jurgen Loeber

Jurgen Loeber had planned to attend but became ill at the last moment. He sent his 16 year old son instead but he was too fatigued to come out to visit. His flight arrived that Saturday afternoon and was to depart the next day on Sunday afternoon!


bulletThere were 72 people on the list (including individuals that may have moved away before graduation)
bulletOf those, 11 of them had missing addresses (but a couple of them got the word anyway)
bulletIn all, 33 classmates showed up at the reunion!

Dinner That Evening

dinner1.jpg (32980 bytes)

dinner2.jpg (21576 bytes)

dinner3.jpg (43654 bytes)

dinner4.jpg (30310 bytes)

dinner5.jpg (35636 bytes)

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