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Class of 1977 - 30th Reunion

2007 - 30th Reunion

People met at Terri's Place in Woodhull, IL on Saturday, July 21, 2007 from 3:00 PM until late in the evening. This was the weekend of Woodhull's Sesquicentennial (150 years) celebration so there was a lot of activities going on.

Here is a list of people I saw:  Julie, Laura, Steve, Nick, Riva, Chuck, Gene, Jim D., Cindy, Joe, Doug, Bob L., Todd, Bob M., Clint, Greg, LeAnn, Karen, and Dan's family since he was headed to Iraq.

Special thanks to Julie (Anderson) Bell for these pictures. They include many from the Sesquicentennial.

These pictures taken by Nick Boland.

Karen Bob L. Gene & Barb LeAnn (right)
her sister (left)
Doug J.
Greg N. Clint M. Riva & Michael Laura (center)
Julie (right)
Dan's family
sisters left, wife right
Steve & Jacki B. Jim & Kim D. Nick B. Chuck & Stacey Bob M.
Cindy Todd & Annette
Joe & Tammy

And a few extra.

Dan Swanson from Iraq


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